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Afg Suga

005: Wholesale Afg Suga OG Pink Rolling Paper Box of 40

005: Wholesale Afg Suga OG Pink Rolling Paper Box of 40

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Here's our wholesale option to purchase a box of 40 Afg Suga OG pink rolling paper booklets. Each booklet contains 32 pink sheets made from a mix of wood pulp, vegetable fibers, natural food dye and Arabic gum for the lick and stick. All materials are sourced in Europe.

RRP for a booklet of papers is £3


Available for international orders.

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Sorry Suga Baby, no refunds or returns offered, unless you have recieved a faulty item.

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This is a no-judgement zone, we do not promote the use of any illegal products and we fully support our Suga Babies (+21) to be responsible for their own usage of our products.

For the culture, with some added Suga

We love incorporating Afghanistan's rich culture and diversity in our images. Afghanistan is a land locked country in Central Asia and for centuries has serves as a connector between Central, South Asia meaning it holds vitally strategic position in the ancient Silk Road, a centuries old trade route that linked the Western world with the Middle East and Asia. Many different ethnicities and tribes have ventured and settled across the mountanous country making it one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, and with diversity comes a beautiful fusion of fashion, food, laguage and culture.