The Great Re-Launch

The Great Re-Launch

Hey Suga Baby!

Welcome to The Great Re-Launch.


Having launched Afg Suga in July 2020, I knew there was an entire world out there of Suga Babies ready for a community, why? Because I was her. A first generation Afghan 'immigrant'/'refugee' trying to fit in a world that doesn't necessarily accept me, I decided that the only way of seeking acceptance is to accept myself and then find a community of like minded individuals who can relate. It's been quite a journey, and although I've decided to keep my real identity under wraps, I wanted to reach out directly to my Suga Babies in a format that is both comfortable and easy.

Blog posting like it's 2006 on Myspace seems to be my only steady comfort, because if you're like me, I hate being in front of the camera...  Anxiety has been a big part of my life and continue's being a daily battle, but writing and creating feels like a safe place especially when connecting with my Suga Babies.

We live in a different world now, things are moving so quickly it feels difficult to keep up, Afg Suga was created as a means to slow down, bill it, enjoy the aesthetics and say whats on your chest. 

I hope to continue with this blog space and invite some friends of mine, and continue dialogue as we go. I've had quite a long break with the website, and felt the best way to keep this brand is to stay authentic, and authentic to the experience of being a small business owner in a world where one viral video will turn into success but also sabotage via larger conglomerates who have larger budgets and will copy my work and not credit or invest in a viable small business... But they cannot copy our authenticity!!

I hope to update you weekly, or every other week... or at least once a month, because most time's I'm Fly Girl baby and I really can't be asked.  Haha.

Enjoy the website, feedback is always welcomed and if you want to contribute to the blog send us a DM, because I really am here for it ! I am mostly dedicated to create a safe space for alternative dialogue that is not constantly bombarding your timeline with influencer gossip, celebrity trends or irreverent propaganda!

So let's talk!

Much love,
Your Suga Mama xo


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