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Do you ship internationally?

We do, all our orders are shipped via Royal Mail. We recommend that you order for over £20 which gives you the international tracked shipping options as this will ensure secure delivery for both yourself, and your Suga Mama.
All international orders below £20 will be shipped via Royal Mail International Standard, this can take between 6-8 weeks for delivery.. please be patient Suga Baby!

I've placed my order, when will you dispatch?

Your Suga Mama has been overwhelmed with the amount of orders recieved since you found us! We've finally been able to set up a system that works for our small business! If you're ordering in the UK please allowe 1-2 days for dispatch notice, (our shipping days are Tuesday's and Fridays) International orders can take up to 5 days for dispatch notice as we will nbe busy preparing your customs notice/declaration.

Is the packaging discreet?

We know how important it is to keep your biz low-p. We're also constantly parro about our Padarjaan (means Dad in Dari) catching us rolling one :P So the most important aspect of our packaging is that it's pink but its NOT branded. So could be anything.. and won't alert any nosy 'rents, khala's or room mates if it arrives in the post. For international orders however, we have to declare whats in the package to customs, so expect it's harder for it to be discreet because the content is scribbled down albeit in your Suga Mama's shit handwriting....

What does AFG Stand for?

Afg Suga was created as an ode to our Afghan Heritage. A country which has made great history in the last century. One of the main focuses in western geopolicial news, and seen an overwhelming diaspora migration over the last 3 decades.
We're here to celebrate our culture, raise awarness and break stereotypes created by the western lens on our heritage. And most importantly creating a community of like minded Suga Babies.

Where are you based?

West London, United Kingdom

Can I buy your stuff in store?

We keep our stockists limited, as we're not your average rolling paper brand.
In London, you can find our papers exclusivley in Otherside, Portobello Road.

I'm a store, I want to stock your items.

We're so overwhelmed by wholesale enquiries at the moment but we want to keep our stockist selective, as we believe we want to only work with stores and wholesalers that understand our values. Please send us an e-mail with a summary detail of your business and once we are ready to review stockists we will connect with you.

I'm an influencer, I want to collaborate

We're always looking for brand ambassadors, and feel it's really important to be inclusive. For this reason, we see all our Suga Babies as our brand ambassadors and won't be sponsoring or paying for any product placements on social media, we want to keep it organic.. Just like our paperz!
Please continue to tag @AfgSuga to help us spread the word, and if you've got a fire photo that you feel would look perfect on our page please, send it thru, we'd love to feature your photos and will always credit you <3

Collabs are always considered, please send us proposal on DM or e-mail

Can I be in a shoot?

Yes, this brand is community. We're always looking for Suga Babies to get involved weather it's modelling in a shoot or collaborating on visuals. Send us a DM, we're here for it !

Will you re-stock some of the sold out items?

Some of our items are limited edition, once the limited edition products are sold out they're gone. But it also depends on demand. We're a small business and your Suga Mama tries her best to continue being innovative with products and merchandise. Watch this space!

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